Host a Hive

2022 Program

Host Peak Beehives for a season from April to November. Our program allows you to have hives in your yard without any of the maintenance and all of the perks of little pollinators.

Includes 10-frame hives from April to November and...
- Delivery to your home and setup in ideal location
- Bi-weekly visits and intro hive inspection
- Perform all hive maintenance and needs
- Provide all equipment and supplies
- Honey gratuity based on production

You enjoy the beautiful gardens and company that the bees provide.

*Limited to
Delta, Montrose, and Ouray Counties

Join the Colony

Apply (today) - Let us know about yourself and why you're interested in hosting bees.

Consultation (next few weeks) - Meet in person, check out property, and create a plan together.

Hive Delivery
(late April) - Set up the hive and prepare for bee installation.

Bee Installation (early May) - Deliver and install honeybees in the hive.

Bi-Weekly Visits (May to November) - We perform all hive maintenance and needs.

Overwinter (November to April) - Hunker down in the Colorado winter until the pollen starts flying.

  • Equipment
    All hive inspection equipment will be brought to and from the property for each visit. The hives, stands, and related supplies will be returned to Peak Bees at the end of the agreed terms. 
  • Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD)
    In the unfortunate circumstances the hive collapses due to any reason other than the landowner interfering the hive shall be replaced, assuming it is safe and appropriate to do so. 
  • Honey Harvest
    Honey harvest and production changes from season to season and yard to yard. We try to offer hosts at least 16oz of honey gratuity per season. 
  • Moving Hives
    As the landowner you agree to not move any portion of the hive. If the hive needs to be moved for any reason please reach out to your beekeeper to discuss. Peak Bees is not responsible for neighbor complaints due to the presence of the hive.
  • Water Source
    A clean water source must be provided at all times.
  • Land Permission
    When committing to host a hive with Peak Bees the landowner agrees they have the legal right to do so according to city and state regulations. 
  • Denver City Ordinance 
    Two hives are allowed per lot. We follow local ordinances, please refer to Denver Zoning Code for details.

Thank you for the Donations!

Your support helps fund bee education, host a hive, and removal services for on the Western Slope of Colorado. We love these mountain communities.